Dear Shaun,

Big thanks to your great team this weekend!! Everything was so nicely arranged, the catering was great!!!! So so nice!!!!! Thank you so much and the pax were sooooooo happy!!!

Once again thank you very much for your help and your team's effort,your service is incredible!!!!!

Many thanks

Brgds On Na Lam
Flight Attendant, Hong Kong Jet / G550

Dear Shaun, Michelle, Andrew, Denver, Steve and Stephen,

For the past twelve years I have travelled back and forth between South America and the United States and the Bahamas two or three times a year with a technical stop in Kingston, Jamaica. I can frankly say that my life got much easier when I met Shaun and the team at Airways Int'l. Ever since, my refueling stop at Kingston is refreshing; not only do I get to spend time among friends but my refueling, flight planning, immigration and emigration needs are handled professionally and efficiently. That is why I have never hesitated to recommend Airways to my pilot friends in need of this service. I have only heard good things from them as well.

Thanks Airways Int'l.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Jr
Presidente, Grupo Aval S.A.

Dear Shaun,

Because of my business, every time I performed flights between U.S.A. and South America I land in Kingston, Jamaica and the experience was always great. With your assistance, my wait time on the ground is reduced and my fuel stops are fast and efficient. I appreciate your help and I will recommend your handling services to future customers. It is really worth it !!

Luis C. Niño
President, Fly By Corporation

Shaun, just wanted to congratulate you on having a truly first class team of professionals at your FBO. Their attention to detail, is always consistent and very much appreciated. Our passengers are always happy with the level of service your team provides particularly their assistance with immigration and customs. I also thank you for your ever timely and helpful assistance with our flight plans and eapis filings. It is truly a pleasure to have you and your FBO team as our ground and aircraft management handlers.

Capt. Steven Tsang
Chief Pilot, Fair Skies Services


I really want to congratulate you for having a superb, A1 class team of personnel that made our stay in Manley Airport worry free. Everyone was excellent in their attitude and professionalism. I care to mention Gordon and Denver and others who assisted my team with the smallest details. I also wish to recognize your own prompt response to me considering that it was easter Sunday. We look forward to coming back to Manley and selecting your company to assist us with our FBO requirements. Thank you!


Capt Gil Smith
Capt, Optec, Inc

Hi Shaun,

Thank you very much for the quick response re. Credit card bill. Shaun, I thought I would drop you a quick note to compliment you and your staff on doing an excellent job in handling our aircraft over the past week. I have been fortunate enough to deal with FBO"s all over the world ; Some good and some bad. Your operation is truly one of the most efficient, Courteous and professional operations out there. You guys should be extremely proud.

Capt. Jason Teller
Chief Pilot, Interamericana Trading Corp


Just landed back in the states and wanted to let you know that you and your team did a fine job this week...much appreciated!

Captain Rick Michaels
Captain, Flight Management Corporation

It is with no small amount of gratitude that I be allowed to compliment the staff of Airways International for their excellent approach in handling our aircraft. Their services are, simply put, well above reproach. Mr. Chris Read manages a business which places a high emphasis on personal service. Shaun Schroeter, his Operations Manager, has honed Mr. Read’s staff into an efficient and very motivated workforce.

Our flight crewmembers have reported that staff members, especially Steve Tsang, have been attentive and very detail oriented. No matter what time our flights have arrived, rain or shine, employees are at the aircraft, ready to assist our passengers. This has made a lasting impression on our clients.

Gene Beadle
Flight Dispatcher, Strategic Air

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